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30" x 40"
Dry Pastel on Paper

A monochromatic drawing in dry pastel. Growing up on the East Coast, I learned to appreciate the elegance of the stark winter skyline during the long, barren cold season.

Missionary Ridge

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"Missionary Ridge"
18" x 18"
Oil on Canvas

This painting was inspired by the Missionary Ridge fires, which ravaged portions of the southwestern Colorado terrain in 2002. When I arrived in Durango in 2006 for an internship as a newspaper reporter, miles and miles of bare, charred trees and burnt landscape was still visible.

Windows, Shadows.

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"Windows, Shadows
20" x 20"
Oil on Canvas

I often think about how the best paintings I’ve produced have been done while I’m in a sort of half-conscious state. Anyone who’s proficient in a sport, a hobby or similar endeavor knows about this phenomenon: the state of mind in which you’re half-asleep, half-awake, and able to operate on a sort of auto-pilot. If only we could channel this state of mind on command!

Of Two Minds

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"Of Two Minds"
30" x 40"
Oil on Canvas

Another large piece that makes use of a semi-abtract aesthetic. In┬áthis work–one of my more experimental pieces–the dual-image of a boot, table and broom is layered over a separate image to create a visual “hook.”

And to Another Place, She Went

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"And to Another Place, She Went"
36" x 48"
Oil on Canvas

A commissioned piece in which the seven birds represent the client and her six siblings.

Printmaking at Austin High School

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Hello friends,

A few months back, I had the opportunity to lead a printmaking class at Stephen F. Austin High School. I talked about the power of images when they are combined with words, and how we could use the medium of printmaking to maximize this impact. Check out some of the awesome things they created!